7 Months Old

7 Months Old, how did this happen?! You are growing up so quickly and so wonderfully, but seriously slow down little man:) Mama has a feeling you’ll be one before we know it and I want to enjoy your baby phase just a little longer.

We’ve been busy the last month so Mama is just getting to your 7 Month post. This month includes some exciting highlights!


  • Sitting unassisted! You went from tripod sitting to full fledge sitting and you love it.
  • Rolling to get toys. I’ve turned around and your on the other end of your play mat reaching for something enticing.
  • Saying Mama and Dada and Baba like a champ and I think you may know what they mean! P.S. I think Basco is Baba to you. Although your first word, Mama, was said on July 25. Can you tell I’m proud?
  • You have 2 teeth! Well a tooth and a half:) The first that came in was your bottom right (left if looking at you). The bottom left shortly followed. When you smile it is the most adorable smile in the world. Daddy was calling you ‘the tooth’ for a couple of weeks which you thought was funny, but now that you have a pair you are no longer the one tooth wonder.
  • We went to a Mommy and Me reunion at your friend Freya’s house and had a blast seeing all your friends and their wonderful parents.
  • You still love your growing noises and you still love to laugh and laugh. Your new favorite games are sitting in front of our full length mirror and talking to yourself plus peek-a-boo or surprise games. You bust out in a full on giggle fit that inevitably leads to hiccups.
  • You melt mommy’s heart with your open mouth kisses and your sweet hugs. I’m so happy you are a cuddle bug. I smell the top of your hair and take it all in. I could sit hugging you all day.
  • You traveled to Bend with Mama to see Babcia and Dziadzia’s new house and hung out for the whole week. You were such a good boy and brought so much joy to everyone including your Auntie, Uncle, and cousin Paige.
  • We jogged a bunch and enjoyed the amazing early fall weather. I feel so lucky you love running with your Mom. I hope we continue this for many years to come.
  • You now sit in a high chair when we go out! And you love to flirt with the waiters and customers. Let’s face it you get compliments wherever you go.
  • We’ve visited Daddy at work and you love making the rounds to see everyone.
  • And you are eating more solids! You’ve tried carrots, squash, peas, pears, green beans and rice, avocado, mango and banana. We’re also trying to teach you to drink from a sippy cup, but you’re more interested in chewing on it.  You’re still nursing about 6 times a day and seem to prefer it, but I’m sure you’ll love food, too.
  • You’re not crawling or pulling up yet, but you are very focused on communicating with us and on your verbal skills. I wonder if you get the storytelling from me.
  • Baths and swimming are still a favorite activity. We put you under the water for the first time and you weren’t even phased. You came out the other end happy as a clam.
  • You had you’re first cold – just a case of the sniffles with a running nose and sweet sneezes. It passed in a few

Thanks for being such a happy boy!

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