11 Months Old

Oh Super Buddy, can you get any cuter & smarter? You amaze us every day and are developing the most fun little personality. You are very strong willed, yet sensitive and quite the observer. You also love to figure stuff out and take things apart analyzing all the small pieces.

Here are some highlights for this month!

  • Learned the “up” command for Basco the dog and direct her from the high chair when eating your lunch
  • Offer food and toys to share with Mama and Dada
  • Follow simple commands. Put the cup in the hole, don’t drop the cup, No, gentle, etc.
  • Peek-a-boo is a favorite of yours. You hide behind objects and unveil yourself when we say “Where’s Kellan?”. Our favorite part is your squeals of delight
  • Flipping light switches and closing the garage door bring a huge smile on your face
  • You look to Mama and Dada when you’re about to do something naughty with the cutest little expression
  • Basco is your 4th word even though it comes out more like Baco
  • Swimming, throwing balls and toys, banging things on the window, reading stories (especially flap books) are among your faces
  • You are sitting up on your own
  • Toast, yogurt, cream cheese, peas, black beans are all gobbled up
  • Daddy taught you to growl and you love imitating sounds
  • You can turn toys on and off – smarty pants:)IMG_2308 CIMG4333 IMG_2300 CIMG4364 CIMG4402 CIMG4315 CIMG4462 CIMG4443 CIMG4333

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