12 Months Old

What?! That’s a whole year on this earth! Time has gone by so quickly our sweet boy. You amaze us every day and light up the room with your smile. Your eyes as blue as the Caribbean Sea, with the longest lashes, just kill me. And your giggles, babbling, and funny faces make our house a home.

Here are some highlights from this month.

  • Weigh in at 23.5 pounds and measure 30.5 inches (tall boy just like your parents)
  • Crawling! It started with commando/army crawls and has moved into a regular crawl
  • Pulling to your knees and can pull to full stand with and sometimes without help
  • Love walking when holding our hands
  • Bust into hysterical laughter when playing games, especially basketball and wrestling
  • Sporting more and more teeth buddy and have been so strong through the pain
  • Continue to point to everything and we tell you all about whatever has caught your interest
  • Music is fun and so are noise books, flap books, and texture books. You press the buttons
  • If we ask you, you make noises for a cow (moo), monkey (ooh ooh), and lion (rawr)
  • You love to cheers us with your sippy cup and with pretty much anything:)
  • Watching Daddy mow the grass is both fascinating and exciting
  • Starting to identify and point to your nose when we say “where is your nose”
  • Parks, outside, swings, and the dog are still your faves
  • You are a great sleeper and eater (still!)



Getting fast


I love parks


Handsome boy


Already wanted


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