First Haircut

I have to admit Mama was not into this at ALL, but you really needed it. Hair was constantly falling into your baby blues and you were starting to have a little too much party in the back:) So, a week before your 1st birthday we took you into the salon. You sat on Mama’s […]

11 Months Old

Oh Super Buddy, can you get any cuter & smarter? You amaze us every day and are developing the most fun little personality. You are very strong willed, yet sensitive and quite the observer. You also love to figure stuff out and take things apart analyzing all the small pieces. Here are some highlights for […]

10 1/2 Months Old

“I would have given anything to keep him little. They outgrow us so much faster than we outgrow them.” You are growing so fast and every day is an adventure! Here are your latest milestones: Loves Mama, Dada, Da (Dog – his official third word in context). Favorite foods – whole Greek yogurt, squash, blueberries, […]

Oh Christmas Tree

  Over the weekend we hit up the Christmas Tree Farm, also known as one of my favorite places on earth. We look forward to picking out our tree every year… if you haven’t gone the “real tree route” before… you absolutely have to. It will probably make you do back flips across your tree-lit […]

7 Months Old

7 Months Old, how did this happen?! You are growing up so quickly and so wonderfully, but seriously slow down little man:) Mama has a feeling you’ll be one before we know it and I want to enjoy your baby phase just a little longer. We’ve been busy the last month so Mama is just […]