First Haircut

I have to admit Mama was not into this at ALL, but you really needed it. Hair was constantly falling into your baby blues and you were starting to have a little too much party in the back:) So, a week before your 1st birthday we took you into the salon. You sat on Mama’s lap and snip, snip, snip your baby locks were quickly cut away. Kuddos to the stylist…he worked fast and furious since you were turning around to look at him and his scissors. You did great. No crying, just curiosity. We took some of your locks for your baby book and later your Mama cried. Silly, I know, but it was just a sign that toddlerhood is approaching and your not such a little baby anymore. Bonus, you still look super cute and very dapper and handsome.

Sitting cute Such a good boy! Before After


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