9 Month Stats

Healthy and Happy!

Weighs 21 pounds 10 ounces and is 29 1/2 inches tall (98%)


Doctor's Visit 9 Months

Doctor’s Visit 9 Months


12 Months Old

What?! That’s a whole year on this earth! Time has gone by so quickly our sweet boy. You amaze us every day and light up the room with your smile. Your eyes as blue as the Caribbean Sea, with the longest lashes, just kill me. And your giggles, babbling, and funny faces make our house a home.

Here are some highlights from this month.

  • Weigh in at 23.5 pounds and measure 30.5 inches (tall boy just like your parents)
  • Crawling! It started with commando/army crawls and has moved into a regular crawl
  • Pulling to your knees and can pull to full stand with and sometimes without help
  • Love walking when holding our hands
  • Bust into hysterical laughter when playing games, especially basketball and wrestling
  • Sporting more and more teeth buddy and have been so strong through the pain
  • Continue to point to everything and we tell you all about whatever has caught your interest
  • Music is fun and so are noise books, flap books, and texture books. You press the buttons
  • If we ask you, you make noises for a cow (moo), monkey (ooh ooh), and lion (rawr)
  • You love to cheers us with your sippy cup and with pretty much anything:)
  • Watching Daddy mow the grass is both fascinating and exciting
  • Starting to identify and point to your nose when we say “where is your nose”
  • Parks, outside, swings, and the dog are still your faves
  • You are a great sleeper and eater (still!)



Getting fast


I love parks


Handsome boy


Already wanted

First Haircut

I have to admit Mama was not into this at ALL, but you really needed it. Hair was constantly falling into your baby blues and you were starting to have a little too much party in the back:) So, a week before your 1st birthday we took you into the salon. You sat on Mama’s lap and snip, snip, snip your baby locks were quickly cut away. Kuddos to the stylist…he worked fast and furious since you were turning around to look at him and his scissors. You did great. No crying, just curiosity. We took some of your locks for your baby book and later your Mama cried. Silly, I know, but it was just a sign that toddlerhood is approaching and your not such a little baby anymore. Bonus, you still look super cute and very dapper and handsome.

Sitting cute Such a good boy! Before After

11 Months Old

Oh Super Buddy, can you get any cuter & smarter? You amaze us every day and are developing the most fun little personality. You are very strong willed, yet sensitive and quite the observer. You also love to figure stuff out and take things apart analyzing all the small pieces.

Here are some highlights for this month!

  • Learned the “up” command for Basco the dog and direct her from the high chair when eating your lunch
  • Offer food and toys to share with Mama and Dada
  • Follow simple commands. Put the cup in the hole, don’t drop the cup, No, gentle, etc.
  • Peek-a-boo is a favorite of yours. You hide behind objects and unveil yourself when we say “Where’s Kellan?”. Our favorite part is your squeals of delight
  • Flipping light switches and closing the garage door bring a huge smile on your face
  • You look to Mama and Dada when you’re about to do something naughty with the cutest little expression
  • Basco is your 4th word even though it comes out more like Baco
  • Swimming, throwing balls and toys, banging things on the window, reading stories (especially flap books) are among your faces
  • You are sitting up on your own
  • Toast, yogurt, cream cheese, peas, black beans are all gobbled up
  • Daddy taught you to growl and you love imitating sounds
  • You can turn toys on and off – smarty pants:)IMG_2308 CIMG4333 IMG_2300 CIMG4364 CIMG4402 CIMG4315 CIMG4462 CIMG4443 CIMG4333

10 1/2 Months Old

“I would have given anything to keep him little. They outgrow us so much faster than we outgrow them.”

You are growing so fast and every day is an adventure! Here are your latest milestones:

Loves Mama, Dada, Da (Dog – his official third word in context).

Favorite foods – whole Greek yogurt, squash, blueberries, and tasting Mama and Dada’s food.

Sleep – 12 hours at night and naps 2-3 hrs in the morning and sometimes 30-45 mins in the afternoon. Please keep this up! And Thank YOU!

Physical – Started walking when holding on to our hands. Clapping when we say clap, clap, clap. Waving when we prompt him (with two hands). Shakes his head when we say no, no, no. Points to things. Puts objects in containers. Stands holding on to furniture when we put him up. “Reads” books with us and throws the ball to us. He has mastered the high five! Mama’s working on blowing kisses. He’s still not crawling, but prefers to roll to his destination or will scoot and turn on his belly. And had 6 teeth!

Personality – Kellan is a very happy baby who is very vocal. He’s constantly jabbering and loves to be tickled and wrestled. He smiles at strangers, but then ducks his head in our shoulders and acts shy. He loves when we sing, bubbles, drinking out of our straw cups or regular cups. He cries in protest if we take something away from him that he really wants. He recognizes his friends and family and squeals with delight.
He continues to feed the dog and often times we find him on Basco’s bed petting her ears or tummy. She loves him as much as he loves her.

We love you super buddy, more than anything in this world!

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Oh Christmas Tree

Santa Basco enjoying the tree!

Santa Basco enjoying the tree!


The stockings were hung

The stockings were hung

Over the weekend we hit up the Christmas Tree Farm, also known as one of my favorite places on earth. We look forward to picking out our tree every year… if you haven’t gone the “real tree route” before… you absolutely have to. It will probably make you do back flips across your tree-lit living room.

Kellan enjoyed seeing all the lights and giggled as I strung them up on the tree – the kid was cracking up!
It’s so amazing to see the wonder and excitement in his eyes. I’m totally way more into the holidays this year and I imagine it will only get better each year.

9 Months Old

“You may outgrow my lap, but you will never outgrow my heart.”

Our sweet baby boy, you are the love and light of our life. You wake up happy, talking to yourself and ready to take on the day. Hearing your little baby conversations thru the monitor makes us smile, even if we’re tired.

It’s magical to see the world through your eyes and serves as a reminder that what matters most is our family, friends, and those closest to us.

Your slobbery, open mouth kisses, giggles, funny faces, zerberts, gurgling, baby talk, and waves, are too precious to take sometimes. We are lucky, oh so lucky.

Here are your milestones for 9 months:

  • Eating like a champ and feeding yourself finger foods
  • Love applesauce, blueberries, quinoa, oatmeal, pears, bananas, yogurt, cheese, wheat toast, and turkey
  • Drink from a straw cup by yourself
  • Love to drink out of our glasses with help
  • Bang objects together, throw things (especially from your high chair), pull things out, topple blocks
  • Rolling to reach your destination
  • Flipping upside down and peek-a-boo are always a favorite
  • Still love story time at the Library and at home
  • Love music and you dance while sitting
  • Enjoy seeing your baby friends and recognize them
  • “Help” Mommy get you dressed
  • Wave goodbye and clap!
  • Learned to high-five
  • Jabbering all day long! Kid, you’re a talker. You’re combining syllables and added Nah Nah and Da (Dog) to your list of favorites (Mama, Dada, Baba, Rara)
  • Gurgle and play your musical instrument with your hands… your mouth while babbling
  • Say Mama and Dada to the correct parent
  • Giggling at everything! For example, you thought Mommy peeling carrots was the funniest thing in the world
  • Sleeping 11-12 hours a night
  • Taking two naps – morning 2 hours and afternoon 45 mins
  • Got your two front TOP teeth, making it four teeth total. And your working on two more up top

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Santa baby

Kellan met Santa! Dressed in his most dapper outfit with matching derby hat, he sat on Santa’s lap and pondered. Did he ponder what he’d like for Christmas? No, more like….who is this guy and why does he have this long beard and glasses, and chuckle? Do I like him? Um, NO….get me out of here guys.

It was adorable to see his face go from ok, to in doubt, to oh no, to WAHHHH.

Definitely will be a classic in the baby book.

I of course already had what I wanted for Christmas – my healthy, happy, baby boy so I skipped sitting on Santa’s lap and watched the best gift in the world take it all in.

Washington Squ_20121117_000140Washington Squ_20121117_000144

7 Months Old

7 Months Old, how did this happen?! You are growing up so quickly and so wonderfully, but seriously slow down little man:) Mama has a feeling you’ll be one before we know it and I want to enjoy your baby phase just a little longer.

We’ve been busy the last month so Mama is just getting to your 7 Month post. This month includes some exciting highlights!


  • Sitting unassisted! You went from tripod sitting to full fledge sitting and you love it.
  • Rolling to get toys. I’ve turned around and your on the other end of your play mat reaching for something enticing.
  • Saying Mama and Dada and Baba like a champ and I think you may know what they mean! P.S. I think Basco is Baba to you. Although your first word, Mama, was said on July 25. Can you tell I’m proud?
  • You have 2 teeth! Well a tooth and a half:) The first that came in was your bottom right (left if looking at you). The bottom left shortly followed. When you smile it is the most adorable smile in the world. Daddy was calling you ‘the tooth’ for a couple of weeks which you thought was funny, but now that you have a pair you are no longer the one tooth wonder.
  • We went to a Mommy and Me reunion at your friend Freya’s house and had a blast seeing all your friends and their wonderful parents.
  • You still love your growing noises and you still love to laugh and laugh. Your new favorite games are sitting in front of our full length mirror and talking to yourself plus peek-a-boo or surprise games. You bust out in a full on giggle fit that inevitably leads to hiccups.
  • You melt mommy’s heart with your open mouth kisses and your sweet hugs. I’m so happy you are a cuddle bug. I smell the top of your hair and take it all in. I could sit hugging you all day.
  • You traveled to Bend with Mama to see Babcia and Dziadzia’s new house and hung out for the whole week. You were such a good boy and brought so much joy to everyone including your Auntie, Uncle, and cousin Paige.
  • We jogged a bunch and enjoyed the amazing early fall weather. I feel so lucky you love running with your Mom. I hope we continue this for many years to come.
  • You now sit in a high chair when we go out! And you love to flirt with the waiters and customers. Let’s face it you get compliments wherever you go.
  • We’ve visited Daddy at work and you love making the rounds to see everyone.
  • And you are eating more solids! You’ve tried carrots, squash, peas, pears, green beans and rice, avocado, mango and banana. We’re also trying to teach you to drink from a sippy cup, but you’re more interested in chewing on it.  You’re still nursing about 6 times a day and seem to prefer it, but I’m sure you’ll love food, too.
  • You’re not crawling or pulling up yet, but you are very focused on communicating with us and on your verbal skills. I wonder if you get the storytelling from me.
  • Baths and swimming are still a favorite activity. We put you under the water for the first time and you weren’t even phased. You came out the other end happy as a clam.
  • You had you’re first cold – just a case of the sniffles with a running nose and sweet sneezes. It passed in a few

Thanks for being such a happy boy!

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My two front teeth

I’ve been chewing, drooling, biting,
Helping my tooth along.
But now it’s here
And everyone cheers,
Cause my toothless grin is gone!


That’s right our lil’ man got his first tooth. Bottom front left (with the right coming soon), I guess he’ll have his two front teeth way before Christmas:)

He’s been a tiny bit more fussy, but luckily I can distract him with toys, songs, his mirror image, the dog, anything shiny, and pretty much anything new! Gotta love this age. They are like sponges soaking it all in. It makes me appreciate the most simple moments in life.